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About Us

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    What is YMCA

    YMCA is a Christian Ecumenical Organization run by volunteers and staff founded in the spirit of volunteerism and self Reliance, Development, self Determination and Fellowship.


    YMCA in Tanzania

    Tanzania Young Men’s Christian Association was established in April 1959 in Moshi when 26 people founded the Association by signing the Paris Basic Manifesto. The Founder Group included Church people, Government Officials, Business men and Farmers. They were led by Rt. Rev. Stefano R. Moshi. The main concern at that time was the influx of Rural Youth into Moshi Town in search of white collar job. Challenges were rapid urbanization, inadequate housing and social vices.


    Mission Statement

    Tanzania YMCA seeks to manifest the Christian Message for a genuine involvement of Young Men and Women, with the Vision of sustaining God’s Creation; the Wholesome of Man, the Family, the community, and strive to promote people’s Potentialities and Awareness for self Initiative in Development and National Culture.


    Vision Statement

    The vision of Tanzania YMCA; stands; to inculcate
    Awareness Education; trade skills, Christian values and highlight pride in the Nations Culture.



    • to work for the promotion of Fellowship, Justice and Peace
    • to foster community well being by promoting Community Awareness, Basic and Development Education, Vocational Training, Child Care and other Social Works
    • to encourage Young Men and Women to train in programmes which can promote in them self-determination, self-initiative and enable them to grow as responsible members of the community
    • to develop sympathy and understanding in working with people in dire human needs
    • to highlight pride National Culture
    • to foster health services
    • to sustain God’s Creation against all that would destroy it for the coming generations


    Why to be a YMCA member

    • to train oneself in awareness and develop the Body, Mind and Spirit
    • to develop confidence through greater Awareness Education
    • to train in technical skills for the community local markets
    • to develop in potentiality for Self determination an Self Reliance
    • attain Self Esteem
    • acquaint oneself with latest information


      Address: National Office of Tz YMCA, Kilimanjaro Road, P.O. Box 85 MOSHI, Tanzania
    Tel: 256-55-2752923 | Fax: 255-55-2751734 | E-mail: ymcatanzania@gmail.com