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Branches and Membership

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    At the branches

    There are 15 Branches embraced in 15 Districts

    Branch Membership
    Arusha YMCA 1026
    Bukoba YMCA 959

    Kibaha YMCA

    Kinondoni YMCA 941
    Meru-Usa YMCA 415
    Monduli YMCA 439
    Moshi YMCA 2121
    Mwanga YMCA 413
    Pangani YMCA 172
    Same YMCA 198
    Tabora YMCA 810
    Temeke YMCA 842
    Mwanza YMCA 2002
    Longido YMCA -
    Mbeya YMCA -

    TOTAL MEMBERSHIP:    11,027  (updated in 2006)


    Categories of membership


    That the National Council may appoint an Ordinary Member to the Status of a Life Member or a Life Patron.

    • Life member shall be conferred to a member who has devoted most of his time towards the case of the YMCA.
    • A Life Patron shall be conferred to a member for a proven contribution and endowment in a very unique way to the movement; for its Perpetuity.
    Patron A membership title conferred by a General Meeting of the Local Association (Branch); to devoted member for his massive contribution towards the Mission and the Work of the YMVA in a Local Association.
    Adult Membership title given to an adult aged 21 and above upon joining the YMCA Christian Mission and its fellowship.
    Youth Membership title given to a Young person under thirty five years of age wishing to grow in the YMCA Christian Mission’s Fellowship.
    New member  
    Corporate If endorsed by the National Council, the National Executive Committee may admit at its level an Organization to “a Corporate Membership” for a mutual coorperation in development on an annual Basis; without Voting Rights.
    • That a Temporary Member shall be a person who has not joined the Association, but, “one seeking Participation to a Programme” of interest.
    • That the temporary membership is on a Daily basis, it expires at the conclusion of the day’s programme.
    • That temporary member shall have not right to attend or vote in the movement’s meetings.


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