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    Current Programmes

    Programme Centres Activities Objectives

    Vocational Training School

    D’Salaam, Moshi, Meru
    • Tailoring & Dressmaking
    • Motor Mechanics
    • Training in Hotel Management
    Provide young people with marketable skills for self-employment
    Day Care Centre All Branches Nursery School education Preparation for Primary Education
    Recreation-Spiritual and Fellowship Programme All Branches
    • Sporting and excursion
    • Games
    • Reading for leisure
    • Week of prayer
    • Spiritual Programme
    Train young people with good habits through recreation programme
    Community Awareness Education All Branches, School, VTC
    • Bursary Scheme for Orphans at St. Margaret secondary School
    • Run Awareness Education to identify negative effects of Globalization on the Society
    • Family issues
    • Primary Health Care
    • HIV/AIDS Awareness
    An opportunity to train to grow as responsible citizen; Assist in Awareness Education on local potentialities; effects of globalization; Culture and Poverty
    Secondary School Education St. Margaret Girls Secondary School, Marangu Secondary Education
    • Empower Women through Education and be able to bridge the gap between men &women in Leadership and Development
    • Awareness building, Bible Reflection
    Farm production St. Margaret School &YMCA Branches
    • Environment upkeep
    • Cereal Farm and Food security
    • Dairy keeping programme
    Promote self-reliance through farm activities
    Small Scale enterprises Branches Kibaha, Pangani
    • Handcrafts
    • Food vending groups
    • Poultry keeping
    • Assisting in small sale enterprises by using local resources
    • Acquire expertise for local marketing
    Hostel Accommodation Moshi, Arusha, D’salaam, Pangani
    • Affordable accommodation
    • Catering and housing
    Provide affordable accommodation to young people who are in various training courses and all works of life


    ▲ The Day Care Centre in Moshi YMCA

    ▲ Playground of the day care centre ▲ Playground of the day care centre
    ▲ Sport in YMCA ▲ Sport in YMCA  


    St. Margaret Girls Secondary School

    The Coming of the YMCA Farm School, At Marangu

    The coming of Carol Carlson to Tanzania YMCA in 1962 as a Fraternal Secretary from Swedish YMCA brought a new vigor; particularly when he wrote to the Executive officer "Kilimanjaro District Council" seeking a piece of land at Marangu for establishing a YMCA Farm School for farm skills training to young men and women; The motive behind the school establishment is to train youth for self-reliance and curb their influx into the towns to seeking white collar jobs.

    On 4th August, 1964 the KDC ceded to the Tanzania YMCA at Marangu a land having 100 acres to establish a Farm School. After construction it registered the 155 students in July 1966. The School was opened by Hon Julius Kambarage Nyerere; The President of United Republic of Tanzania.

    Throughout the 60's, 70s and 80s the Farm School trained many young men including refugees of Burundi and Rwanda. The grandaunts were employed as Farm managers in villages and in state farms. By early 1900s, the farm training lacked sponsor; grandaunts missed emploment after government de-nationalized its farms to private practice. National focus shifted to Secondary Education for women.

    At the meeting of the National Council at Dar es salaam 1991 YMCA members resolved to open a women secondary school as a move for bridge the gap between men and women education as well as economic empowerment; hence the opening of the Girls Secondary School in April 1992 in the Farm School buildings and close the farm chapter.

    Recruitment of Form I women students began with 70 students in 1992. To date; by 2010 the Marangu YMCA Girls School has educated 7368. It is great achievement.

    Year Annual F1 Recruitment Total School Population F4 gradates
    1992 70 70 -
    1993 100 240 -
    1994 115 385 -
    1995 136 389 86
    1996 124 387 92
    1997 153 394 80
    1998 122 401 60
    1999 148 425 55
    2000 132 418 70
    2001 122 394 47
    2002 121 467 47
    2003 215 517 54
    2004 177 440 50
    2005 129 456 127
    2006 94 437 96
    2007 85 363 90
    2008 94 372 80
    2009 118 465 94
    2010 51 339 77
    Total 2306 7368 1206


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