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    YMCA Hotelier Vocational Training School

    The YMCA Hoteliers Training School, opened in 1976 is the second and oldest Hotel Institute in the Country after the famous Forodhani Hotel Institute in Dar es Salaam owned by the Government. The School has adopted a system of administering final exams composed by Hotelier Tutors in England.

    Today, there are several other training small units in the country owned by individuals but they are still at the struggling level. The School still holds its famous name in training.

    The Hotel Course is planned at 2 levels, the Craft Course, and the Basic Course. The later, takes two years, while the former takes one year. Subjects include Cookery, Housekeeping, Service, Business Management, Foreign Languages, Accounting Tourism and Awareness Class.


    Craft Course (one year)

    • Food Production and Service: Food Service, Business Management, English, French, Accounting.
    • Housekeeping and Service: Reception, Room Keeping, English, French, Business Management and Accounting.

    There’s a field study of three months in the tourist hotels.


    Basic Course (two years)

    This is a Course for Students Studying the Fundamentals of Hotel science. Subjects include Reception, Housekeeping, Food Production, Food Service, Management, Elements of Behaviour Science, Business Administration, English, French, Tourism and Financial Management.

    There’s a Block Field practice of 5 months in the second year in tourist hotels.


    Why Study Hotel courses?

    Sometimes in the past, Hotel Studies were not counted important in the field of Social Study just as management is, but today hotel Training Course is counted as an important study in the management of human behavior. A finalist in Basic Course has an advantage of pursuing advanced Diploma at another Collage.




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